The summer is in full swing and it’s time to find ways to save money during the summer. So, here are five great ideas that you can follow which will let you save big bucks all summer long (or at least for the parts of the summer when they matter):

Turn Down the Air Conditioning

The first thing to do in order to save money in the summer is to turn down the air conditioning. None of us likes to be stuffy during the summer, but putting the A/C at say 72 degrees instead of 68 degrees can save a lot of money. This of course goes all the more so for those who prefer frigid temperatures from their air conditioners and push it down to the maximum, which is usually around 60 degrees. You can also save a lot of money by turning off the air conditioner when you’re not home (you can use a timer to put it back on half an hour before you get home so that the house is cool when you walk in the door) and even by installing ceiling fans, which can help keep the air cool and circulating on days which aren’t so hot.

Book Amusement Park Tickets Online

Parents with young children will inevitably be spending a good deal of time at amusement parks such as the two Disney theme parks in Orlando and Los Angeles, the Universal theme parks and the Six Flags parks which dot the country. Tickets for all of these parks can easily cost in the hundreds of dollars for an entire family, however, by buying your tickets online before you go to the park, you can easily save money this summer. Look as well for specials, which may pop up toward the end of the summer, but stay away from popular weekends. Labor Day weekend for example is likely to see jam packed parks and higher prices.

Bring Your Own Food to the Ball Game

What could be more fun or more All-American than taking in a baseball game during the summer? While tickets to the games are sometimes available cheap (check with your local franchise – the Yankees for example, occasionally run specials on their bleacher and upper deck seats), food at the ball park is always going to be exorbitantly expensive. Fortunately, unlike movie theaters, most ball parks do let you bring in your own food. However, you do have to follow the rules, which should be available on the website for your local team. For example, the Yankees allow in food, but the food must be in clear plastic shopping bags (you cannot take knapsacks, totes or anything else of that nature into the stadium) and drinks can only be in plastic bottles (no cans or glass bottles).

Buy Sunscreen in Bulk

Planning to spend every weekend visiting the beach? Don’t wait to buy your sunscreen until Saturday. Drop by Costco, Sam’s Club or some other big box discounter and pick up a case of sun block which will last you all summer long. The stuff should be good for a few years, so even if you don’t use it up this summer, you can still use the same material next summer and save money while doing it.

Visit Free Attractions

Finally, if you want to save money this summer, look for free community attractions in your area. New York City for example regularly offers free concerts in Central Park all summer long. You have to bring your own chair and get there early, but it’s still a fun evening and a great way to save money in the summer.

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