10 Effective Time Management Tips

Managing time can be a constant battle, especially if you are someone who does repetitive tasks and is easily bored, or discouraged to do your everyday work. This continuous struggle can be present in any person’s daily life. Whether it be an adolescent teen that has to do their chores, or a business man about to conduct a meeting of some sort, it is a constant battle throughout every person’s life. You may be asking yourself, what could be done to keep up with the everyday things life has to offer? The answer is to practice some of these time management skills and to regularly incorporate them into your daily routine to effectively get your work done as effecient as possible, time wise.

1) Get on top of things of things that get on top of you

What I mean by “get on top of things that get on top of you,” is that every now and then, an individual may feel lazy and put the thing that has to be done off, until later. This is a common habit many people resort to without realizing it, and truth is, it is a very bad habit. Realizing this type of behavior and shielding it from effecting your everyday routine at work and at home, can save yourself from getting any unwanted attention.

Personally, I have found that when putting things off, my mind is never at ease and is always thinking about what I should be doing. But when I am on top of the things I have to do, I am at ease with a positive outlook of whats to come. Overall, this is a healthy habit to adapt into your life and daily routine. Moreover, it is better for your health, work skills, availability, and more.

2) Have a routine or a schedule that you can follow day by day

Although this is generally overrated and suggested the most, having a routine or schedule that you can follow day by day can drastically reduce the amount of time it would usually take to finish a certain task or a series of tasks. If you didn’t know, people involved in office work often follow a certain routine and it is for a number of reasons. To improve healthy work habits, organization, time consumption, and more. Nowadays, you also see almost all industries incorporate this time of behavior, even fast food.

3) Simplify tasks to be less time consuming as possible

You may be asking yourself, what I do mean by “simplifying tasks to be as less time consuming as possible?” If you browse the web by clicking on the start button then scrolling over the Internet Explorer icon to open it up rather than make a short cut of the web browser on your desktop, that should be something you can do to simplify the amount of time it takes from your day. Tiny things like these add up and can really give you extra time to spend with your family, friends, or time for you to rejuvenate from the hardships of life that you have to face day after day. Whenever doing something that is repetitious, this is a tip that you must incorporate.

4) Find out where you’re wasting time.

If you have a certain habit that gets in the way of you finishing your tasks, it is best to avoid these types of habits that can be burdensome. Whether it be the traditional conversions you may have with your coworkers, or pet peeves that may get in the way of you dong your work, these are all things you should try and eliminate. No matter how big or small it may be, it only does harm, time wise.

An example would be a teenager trying to do their homework while watching television. Although the teenager may argue that he can multi-task, fact is that the brain cannot fully absorb information from both sources at the same time – no matter how fast a teenager looks up and down. In this scenario, you would want to eliminate the teenager’s habit of watching T.V. Realizing what is wasting your time and then eliminating it, is a sure-fire way to reducing the amount of time it takes to finish a certain task.

5) Create Small Goals

Create incentives by creating small goals that you look forward to reaching. This positive thinking can overall help improve and help motivate you to perform better at work, or at home. There are simply no down sides to this type of thinking. Except perhaps, you creating too big of a goal that you begin to become discouraged. Follow a pace that you can follow and slowly build up to more bigger goals, is to key to creating effective goals.

6) Prioritize what is more important

Another healthy behavior is to prioritize which activities is more important and have them on the top of your to-do list. Having the crucial activities that are required to be done first, is a great habit as it will teach you to better manage your time – especially for those individuals who have a really tight schedule that is constantly overlapping. Knowing and deciding which task is more important on the spot, is a very great skill to have. Prioritizing what events are more important will help practice for that hectic type of scenerio.

7) Learn to delegate or to outsource

If you are an owner of a business and is constantly hassled with loads of tasks that has to be done everyday, it may be wise to learn to delegate or to outsource the tasks. Fact is, it is extremely more comfortable and stable if all the work wasn’t reliant on a single person managing a business. Although you may say you are a hard worker and you are able to maintain a business everyday, can you really? Think about it. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year. Now answer me and say you can handle everything by yourself as a sole business owner.

For many beginning business owners, trying to hire responsible people may sound at first, scary, unreasonable, and a bit risky for their business. However, many have found that hiring people has greatly improved their business and created many positive benefits for the business owner. An example would be that the business owner now has more time to be able to pin-point reasons for their profit margins, and think about how he/she can better improve their business’s model and infrastructure. A sole business owner doesn’t have that luxury.

Now you may argue that the business owner is losing money because he has to pay his employees. Well, chances are if you are unable to maintain the business by yourself, you should have a sufficient amount to maintain a reasonable size work force. The main question here is, is it really worth it? I won’t get into the details, but in the long run, hiring delegates or outsourcing the work is worthwhile because it is more stable, and creates an overall positive outlook of the business and for those managing it

If you answered yes and is confined to a business that requires your assistance almost 24 hours a day to make a profit, I’d be more worried about your health.

8) Use time management tools

Using time management tools can be a great time saver, especially if you are involved in data entry positions. Having softwares like Excel or any tools in general at hand that can save you minutes or even hours of your time, can be a tremendous time saver.

A fun activity I would like to do is to calculate how much time I save after a weeks or a months period. Try it, usually you will get shocking results.

9) Time yourself

Being aware how much time it takes you to complete a task and challenging yourself to be as quick as possible, can be a great way to improve your work skills. Being both quick and precise are valuable skills for any sort of job.

10) Be organized

Last but not least, be organized. It is a prized quality that every boss want their employees to have. The ability to know where everything is placed, is not only a tremendous time saver, it is both professional and in someway shows how much you value a certain job. It is sort of like body language, but in another form. Being organized have no negative downsides to it so taking the extra time to organize your belongings and your work station, can be worthwhile as it shows respect to your boss and that you take this job seriously.

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Bluehost: The Unlimited Web Hosting Site

Bluehost is an unlimited web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). It is one of the largest web hosts, collectively hosting over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility in Provo, Utah, which is now shared with sister company HostMonster.

BluehostBlueHost has been providing quality hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web with its unlimited web hosting services. BlueHost has become one of the most recognizable names in the web hosting industry since it founded in 1996. Their “professional hosting” plan includes all the features you might need at the best possible price which makes it one of the most popular, inexpensive, shared hosting options available.

Let’s overview on Bluehost, the unlimited web hosting site:


BlueHost first started operation in 1996 when they were offering only shared hosting services. It was founded by Matt Heaton, who was the CEO from 1996-2011. In 2010, amidst much controversy and speculation, EIG (Endurance International Group) acquired BlueHost. Since 2011, Dan Handy operates as the CEO of the company. Its current headquarters is on Provo, Utah, USA.


BlueHost began their operation with shared hosting services, but later they’ve started offering additional types of hosting like VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. Their 2 million plus websites worldwide, making them one of the top hosting companies.


BlueHost specializes in shared hosting to this date. Let’s overview on Bluehost shared hosting plans:

Basic plan: For $3.49/month, you will get one website max, 50 GB storage and ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. You will also get 5 email accounts with a max storage of 100 MB each.

Plus plan: For $5.95/month, you will get 10 websites, 150 GB storage, and ‘unlimited’ bandwidth. You will also get 100 email accounts of 500 MB each.

Business Pro plan: Their largest plan comes in at $13.95/month, providing ‘unlimited’ websites, storage, bandwidth, email account and email storage.

You need to pay for three years at once to enjoy the advertised price for their shared hosting plans. It will cost much more if you choose a shorter duration, and the minimum duration you can pay for is 12 months.


Their other services are described below:

Virtual Private Servers:

Bluehost’s virtual private server (or VPS) options will give you more power & high volumes of traffic which are worth considering.

Bluehost offers 4 tiers of Linux-based VPS hosting, ranging from the $29.99/month ‘Standard’ to the $119.99/month ‘Ultimate’. As with the shared Web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans include discounts for longer-term contracts. Unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t offer Windows-based VPS.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress official site (WordPress.org) recently re-made their hosting page. On that page, they’ve listed 3 hosting providers, including SiteGround, Dreamhost and Bluehost.

If you wanted to create a WordPress-powered website, you can consider Bluehost’s 4 Linux-based packages:

  • Blogger ($24.99/month with 1-year contract).
  • Professional ($74.99/month with 1-year contract)
  • Business ($119.99/month with 1-year contract)
  • Enterprise ($169.99/month with 1-year contract)

These plans are of the managed WordPress variety, which means that Bluehost performs automatic site backups and protects your installation with WordPress-specific security.


Key Features:

  • Free Domain Name & Instant Setup.
  • Free Website Builder with Templates.
  • 1-Click Script Installs (WordPress, Joomla).
  • Unlimited Hosting Space, File Transfer & E-mail Accounts.
  • Host Unlimited Domains on 1 Account.
  • 24/7 Responsive Support.


  • Wide range of Web hosting options.
  • Excellent uptime in testing.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Site-building software.


  • Lacks Windows-based servers.
  • No monthly shared hosting plans.
  • Aggressive upselling.

Final Word:

Bluehost boasts about their excellent uptime and intuitive website-building software. Their unlimited web hosting makes it easy to create attractive, functional, and stable pages for your business. However, it lacks a few features found in rival hosting services. But overall, it is a great web hosting and domain name service providers.

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How to choose the best WordPress hosting services?

We chose the best WordPress hosting plans according to our deeply review on them based on pricing, features, usability, reliability, performance, customer service and reputation.


Pricing is always one of the most factors webmasters value when they choose a WordPress hosting solution. However, the sticker price does not tell the full story because there are many other factors going to pricing, including activation costs, renewal rates, add-on prices, and some other hidden fees.

In addition, numerous web hosts offer money back guarantee to ensure webmasters put their money in safe hands. However, there are some dirty secrets about money back guarantee. Therefore, we take all the factors into account and select the ones that really offer budget WordPress hosting solutions.


When we review a web hosting plan, we detail the features it comes with and tell you whether it is worth going. You need to know that the more features you get with a web hosting package, the less limitations you will meet when you run a WordPress site and the less possibility that you will be asked to pay more money.

Main features when value are: disk space, bandwidth, site memory, programming, database, and even email accounts. Note that if you choose a solution with fewer features, you need to pay additional fees if you need more features when your site grows. Besides, your site performance also will be affected adversely for the lack of some features.


We also check how easy it is to set up a hosting account with each company we reviewed because fast and easy start is also a important thing. Figure out whether the companies offer the control panel you are familiar with. Or do they offer one that you are not so familiar with but easy-to-use? A familiar and user-friendly control panel helps manage sites, domains, files, data, emails, and software easily, saving much energy and time.

In addition to control panel, we also check whether the companies offer a user-friendly 1-click WordPress installer to help people install this software by just clicking the mouse several times.


Reliability is one of the most import things for websites, especially for business sites. If your web host does not offer reliable service, you could lose thousands of dollars per day. Besides, error pages frustrate your visitors and drive them away. Moreover, search engines do not like sites that are always down, neither.

Because of the reasons listed before, we test and monitor all the sites we hosted with each web host and look into real user feedbacks on the web. According to our test and monitoring results, you can get an unbiased and well-rounded idea of how reliable the web hosts really are.


Besides reliability, performance is another important factor of website. In addition, it also affect site rank. If people have to wait for seconds even more than 1 minute before accessing your site, there is no hope that they will visit your site frequently in the future, which also may cause big loss to your business. Therefore, you web host must offer fast loading speed.

Not everybody has time and energy to test and monitor the speed of each web host, so we do it for you and show you the results in each web hosting review. In this way, you can fully know the speed each company offers and get your best option.

Customer Service

No matter how easy it is for you to build your site and no matter how superb your site is, you will meet some issues when you are running site. Therefore, a web host offers responsive and efficient support is necessary. It is also why we value customer service.

Before writing a WordPress web hosting review, we test all the support options the web host offers. Then, we write all our findings in our reviews to let you know whether they respond quickly and if they are US based. The most important thing is that we also tell whether they can resolve issues in an efficient way.

Why are they the best WordPress hosting services?

Based on the 6 factors we listed above, we selected NameCheap, InMotion, SiteGround, A Small Orange and A2Hosting as the best WordPress web hosting service providers because they really do an excellent job. Their services are affordable, starting at $1.99/mo and meeting the needs of webmasters whose sites have hundreds of visits per day and have a low budget.

In addition, each solution from these companies is integrated with rich features to help webmaster run websites smoothly without any limitation. You can also get an easy-to-use cPanel or vDeck control panel to simplify the whole management of sites and accounts. There is also a 1-click WordPress installer, with which you are able to install this application easily.

As for reliability and performance, each of the recommended web hosting providers does a good job. According to our monitoring results, all of them offers solid 99.9% uptime and fast access speed for visitors around the world, especially for those in US.

Another important thing is that they do offer responsive customer service via email, phone and live. Besides, they also developed many detailed guides and elaborate videos to help customers learn everything about WordPress web hosting and teach people to deal with common hosting issues in an easy and efficient way. We can also find the answers when browsing their forums.

Read the following parts to learn the main highlights of the best web hosting services.

NameCheap: This web host has been in the industry for more than 15 years. Up to now, this company is powering over 1 million websites in a world scale. It is highly recommended by numerous of its real customers for its reliable & fast web hosting service and responsive support vie email, live chat, forum, video, and knowledgebase.

Outstanding features included in NameCheap WordPress hosting are:

  • cPanel with 1-click WordPress installer.
  • Fast speed & 100% uptime SLA.
  • Advanced capabilities & SSD technology.
  • Sufficient website space, bandwidth & email storage.


InMotion: Managed by technology experts who have 10+ years of web hosting expertise on average, InMotion is awarded as one of the best web hosts since it came to the industry. This company utilizes a lot of high-tech to offer customers dependable service, including 2 green data centers, hundreds of Dell servers, Max Speed Zone, and much more.

Other highlights of InMotion WordPress hosting service are:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth & Emails.
  • Enhanced cPanel with 1-click WordPress installation.
  • Business-class hardware & developer-friendliness.
  • Up to $250 free advertising credits for Google, Yahoo! & Bing.


SiteGround: Founded in 2004 by several university friends, this web hosts stably turned into a leader in web hosting industry. Having about 240 employees today, SiteGround is hosting more than 320,000 domains and he number is growing rapidly. By utilizing 3 first-class data centers in US, Netherlands and Singapore, this web host provides fast site access speed for visitors around the world. Starting at $3.95/mo, all of its solutions come with armed security and exceptional reliability & performance.

More splendid features SIteGround offers are:

  • Immediate activation allows instant account management.
  • The highest possible uptime & unlimited monthly data transfer.
  • Free App installs, domain, SSL certificate, site transfer & CloudFlare CDN.
  • Friendly UI, including elegant design, easy-to-use tools & enhanced cPanel.


A Small Orange: Established in 2007, A Small Orange keeps the mission to offer web hosting with a combination of unbeatable reliability, unmatched performance, high security, low rate and responsive support. To offer their customers the best hosting experience, this web host equips its data centers with fully redundant power supply and other cutting-edge technologies. In addition, fast solid state drive (SSD) IS included in each A Small Orange hosting package.

Other magnificent features A Small Orange WordPress hosting comes with are:

  • unlimited domains allowed and unlimited emails
  • SSD server for i5x performance & 24×7 monitoring.
  • cPanel control panel with Softaculous 1-click installer.
  • industry leading 90 Days Full Money Back and a prorated refund after that period


A2Hosting: This web host now serves tens of thousands of customers around the world and it is highly recommended by majority of its customers due to its quality service and responsive customer service. It also offers a 1-click WordPress installer to help create a professional and beautiful website effortlessly. Besides, A2Hosting provides a special security suite and marketing suite to help customers secure and promote websites in an easy way.

Another unexceptional features included in A2Hosting WordPress web hosting are:

  • Unlimited storage space , emails & databases.
  • Free site migration, site promotion & freebies.
  • User-friendly control panel & free Drag and Drop Site Builder.
  • High performance load balanced servers & 24×7 network monitoring.
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BlueHost Review and Coupon Code

Bluehost is the one of biggest names in shared hosting industry. Bluehost was founded in 1996. Bluehost,s headquarters are situated in a 50,000 square foot building in Provo, Utah. Bluehost hosts millions of websites. Here is a honest review of Bluehost for year 2015 to help you decide that whether Bluehost is for you or not.

About BlueHost Company:

Bluehost was founded in 1996. It is the one of oldest web hosting companies. Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton and he remained CEO till 2011 . On June 12, 2011 Dan Handy became the CEO of Bluehost. Bluehost head office is located in Provo, Utah. Bluehost is owned by EIG.

Bluehost is famous for their shared hosting. In 2013, they start offering VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Bluehost only offers Linux hosting.


Uptime for Bluehost,s corporate website is 99.99% since 2005 and it is considered excellent. Average uptime is 99.98%. Bluehost do not provide a 99.9% uptime money back guarantee. But if your websites face lots of downtime then you can cancel your account anytime without any penalty and you can claim a prorated refund. Make sure to read their terms of service for more details.

On August 2, 2013, Bluehost data center in Provo, Utah experienced some unexpected network outage issues which impacted customers of some EIG owned web hosting companies including Hostgator and Bluehost. Company websites and phone services were affected as well.

BlueHost Data Centers:

Bluehost has a 20,000 square feet data centers in Provo, Utah. Bluehost claims to monitor their servers and data centers round the clock. These data centers has a power backup by UPS and diesel generator. These data centers have multiple 10 gigabit connection to locations all over the world.

Money Back Guarantee:

Bluehost offers a 30 days full money back guarantee and a prorated anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with them then you can get a full refund in first 30 days. Payments for domain names will not be refunded. In the case of free domain name, around $14 will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded. After first 30 days you can still cancel your account at anytime but you only get a prorated refund for the remaining period .Make sure to read full details about this guarantee at their website.


Bluehost offers a no of support options.

  • 24/7/365 Live chat. Average wait time for chat is 2 minutes. But live chat can be busy at times and sometimes you can have to wait up to 28 minutes.
  • 24/7/365 Tickets and Email support. Average response time is 6 hours. Response time can range from 1 hour to 24 hours.
  • 24/7/365 Phone support. Wait time usually can range from few seconds to few minutes. Bluehost offers a toll-free number for USA.
  • Mail support.

Support quality is usually satisfactory. Bluehost has many professional employees who are working for many years and has excellent experience of dealing with servers.


Bluehost offers a no of features including,

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain names
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • Free drag and drop site builder with free templates
  • $100 Google Adwords voucher

Unlimited Stuff:

BlueHost advertises unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space but indeed there are set limits on both disk space and monthly bandwidth and if someone crosses these limits then his account can be banned. So please do not forget to read their terms of service for full details of these limits on so called unlimited stuff.


BlueHost Control Panel And Ease Of Use:

Bluehost offers free cPanel with shared hosting. With cPanel, you can easily manage all your web hosting stuff like creating databases, installing scripts and setting up your email accounts, all this and much more in just few clicks. With cPanel it is super easy to do all stuff you need to do.


WordPress And BlueHost:

Bluehost offers 1click WordPress installation. In just few minutes you can easily setup your WordPress blog.



Bluehost,s basic plan for shared hosting costs,

  • $6.95/month on 12 months payment.
  • $5.95/month on 24 months payment.
  • and $4.95/month on 36 months payment.

There is no option to pay on monthly, quarterly or on 6 months basis. This plan comes with a free domain name.

There is also a pro shared hosting plan which costs $19.95/month and there is only 12 months payment option. This plan also includes a free domain name.

Coupon and Promo

*coupon code is not required

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Top Web Hosting Companies Who Accept Payments By BitCoin

Bitcoin is a P2P (peer to peer) payment system which was introduced in 2009. Since then it has gain huge popularity among media, individuals and companies. Many people and companies are using Bitcoin for different internet transactions such as to buy different stuff online. There are many websites who recently start supporting payments by Bitcoin. Here is a list of top web hosting companies who accept payments by Bitcoin. You can buy web hosting stuff such as hosting accounts, cPanel, website builder, domains and add-on products from these hosting companies using your Bitcoin account.


NameCheap is very famous for cheap domain names and web hosting services. They accept payments by Bitcoin. They recently start offering SSD hosting.

Top Features: cPanel, CloudLinux, SSD hosting, Free instant setup, Daily backups, 14 days money back guarantee

Web Hosting: Shared, Reseller, VPS ,Dedicated

Web Hosting OS: Linux

Data Centers: USA, UK

Support: 24/7/365 phone and emails

Money Back Guarantee: 14 days money back guarantee


Hawk Host is very affordable and reliable web hosting company. They are in business since 2004. They offer low cost web hosting services.

Top Features: cPanel, LiteSpeed hosting, affordable pricing, 30 days money back guarantee, free instant setup, CloudLinux, 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hosting Offered: Shared web hosting, Reseller hosting, Semi Dedicated hosting, VPS

Hosting OS: Linux

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee

Data Centers: They have six data centers worldwide.


  • Dallas, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington, DC
  • San Jose, CA


  • Singapore


  • Amsterdam



Arvixe has very good reputation. They support Bitcoin payments. They offer shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Top Features: cPanel, Free site builder, Free domain for life with annual plans, Free instant setup,

60 days money back guarantee

Web Hosting: Shared, WordPress, Reseller, VPS , Dedicated

Web Hosting OS: Linux, Windows

Data Centers: Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas in USA (do not allow users to choose their preferred data center location).

Support: 24/7/365 US based support, live chat, phone and emails

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days money back guarantee

99.9% UpTime Guarantee: Get that month free in which uptime is lower than 99.9%


Glowhost is another affordable web hosting company who accept Bitcoin payments.

Top Features: cPanel, Free domain for life and Free SSL with annual plans, Free instant setup,

91 days money back guarantee

Web Hosting: Shared, Reseller, Semi-Dedicated, Reseller, VPS , Managed Dedicated

Web Hosting OS: Linux

Data Centers:

USA: Atlanta  (Georgia), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), Los Angeles (California), Phoenix (Arizona) , Salt Lake City (Utah)

UK: London and Nottingham

Support: 24/7/365 live chat, phone and emails

Money Back Guarantee: 91 days money back guarantee (this guarantee do not cover dedicated servers)


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Best Chicago VPS Hosting

Chicago is the third biggest city of United States by population. It has high speed and high quality internet and its centered location is ideal for hosting your websites and apps. In this post, we are going to feature top 10 VPS hosting companies  who have their data centers in Chicago, Illinois.


Wired Tree was founded in June 2006. Since then, they’re providing superior managed VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services. Their customer service is a top notch. Wired Tree servers are housed in 427 LaSalle data center facility located in downtown Chicago. These data centers have UPS and diesel generator power backup. These data centers are equipped with latest technology and are monitored 24 hours.

Data Centers: Chicago

Support: 24/7/365 Phone and email support, also help desk.

OS: Linux

Cost: $45+

Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover


VPS.net was launched in 2009 and is a part of UK2group. They offer high quality managed and unmanaged cloud VPS services. Their cloud servers are hosted in 18 different data center locations in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and Brazil.


Data Centers: Their servers are located in 18 different locations worldwide including Chicago. You can choose your preferred data center location during signup.

Support: 24 hours support by live chat, phone and emails/tickets.

OS: Linux and Windows

Cost: $15.00+

Payment methods: You can pay by PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.


Siteground is in business since 2004. They offer shared, semi-dedicated, reseller, WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting. They have data centers located in USA, Europe and Asia.


Data centers: Chicago (USA), Amsterdam (NL), Singapore (SG)

Support: 24/7/365 Live chat, phone and email/ticket

OS: Linux

Cost: $68.95+

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard


TMDhosting is a small hosting company but they have great reputation. They have four data centers in USA and one in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Data centers: Chicago (IL), Elk Grove (IL), Houston (TX), Phoenix (AZ), Amsterdam (NL)

Support: 24/7/365 Live chat, phone and email/ticket

OS: Linux

Cost: $35.95+

Payment methods: PayPal, Credit cards

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Best HostGator Alternatives

Hostgator is a web hosting company and they have millions of customers . But quality of their services is not much as it was once. Lots of users have many complaints about them. So if you are one of them and you want a better alternative to Hostgator then you are in luck as we have featured some of best alternatives to HostGator in this post.


Arvixe is best alternative to Hostgator as Arvixe delivers much better web hosting services at almost same price. Arvixe support is much better. Wait time to live chat is much lower and response time to tickets is much faster than HostGator. Arvixe, like Hostgator, gives a bundle of awesome features with all of their hosting plans. They give a 60 days full money back guarantee so you can check their services for yourself at no risk at all for first 60 days.

Best Features: SSD Raid 10 drives, Free domain with annual plans, cPanel, 1Click script installations by Softaculous, Free daily R1Soft backups, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL DB, Unlimited Email accounts, $100 Google Adwords Voucher, $75 Yahoo/Bing voucher, see full list of features.

Support: 24/7/365 In-House Live chat, email/tickets, US phone support. They also have community discussion forums.

Data-Center Locations: Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas (USA) and Europe.

Payment Methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill, Google Checkout.

Web Hosting OS: Linux and Windows.

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days full money back guarantee

UPTIME Guarantee: Arvixe gives 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can get that month free in which actual uptime is lower than 99.9%.

Pricing: Starts at just $4/month. You can avail some awesome discounts by applying below given coupon codes at checkout.


SiteGround is another excellent HostGator alternative. They provide much better web hosting services at comparatively lower prices.

Best Features: cPanel, Free website transfer, Free daily backup, Unlimited MySQL, Unlimited Email accounts, Unlimited data transfer, Free domain, Free SSL certificate, Supercacher, Free PCI compliance, 1Click script installations.

Support: 24/7/365 live chat, email/tickets and US phone support. Local phone support is also available for many other countries. They also have community discussion forums.

Data-Center Locations: Chicago, IL (USA), Amsterdam (Europe) and Singapore (Asia).

Payment Methods: VISA, MasterCard

Web Hosting OS: Linux

Pricing: $3.95/month. Get 60% discount on regular price by following this link.

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee

UPTIME Guarantee: 99.9% uptime guaranteed.


Stablehost is small web hosting company but they have excellent reputation. They provide high quality services at very affordable prices.

Best Features: cPanel, LiteSpeed hosting, daily R1Soft backups, SSD Raid protected drives, RVSite Builder, Unlimited bandwidth.

Support: 24/7/365 technical and VPS support by emails/tickets and phone. They also have community forums. Sales and billing support available only on weekdays in working hours.

Data-Center Locations: USA

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards

Web Hosting OS: Linux

Money Back Guarantee: 45 days

UPTIME Guarantee: 99.9% uptime SLA

Pricing: Starts at $3.95 per month. You can get up to 50% discount by using below given promo code at checkout.


Namecheap is a very popular domain registrar and web hosting company. They have recently started SSD web hosting services with lots of excellent features and much better support.

Best Features: SSD Raid protected drives, cPanel, 1Click script installations, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL DB, Unlimited Email accounts, CloudLinux, Daily backups

Support: 24/7/365 live chat, email/tickets, phone.

Data-Center Locations: USA and UK.

Payment Methods: BitCoin, Google wallet, PayPal, major Credit cards.

Web Hosting OS: Linux

Pricing: Starts at $3.98/month only but you can get further discounts by using NameCheap promo codes.

Money Back Guarantee: 14 days money back guarantee.

UPTIME Guarantee: 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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Skrill Web Hosting : Companies Who Accept Payments By Skrill

Skrill is a secure and quite popular way of paying and getting paid online in some regions. Skrill is a UK based company. The company was founded on July 27, 2001 as MoneyBookers and was re-branded to Skrill in 2011. With Skrill, you can safely make payments online without disclosing your credit card and bank details. The company operate in 200 countries and 40 currencies. Indeed, it is a very good alternative to PayPal and Bitcoin. There are many websites who support Skrill payments and you can purchase lots of stuff from there. But unfortunately, there are only a few web hosting companies who accept payments by Skrill. We have listed below some of those web hosting companies who support Skrill payments. We will keep updating this post to add new web hosting companies in this list.

We have featured some of the best Skrill web hosting companies below. You can easily purchase domain names, SSL certificates and web hosting products from these companies using your Skrill account.

If you have any questions or comments, then please submit them in the comments section below.


Arvixe was founded in 2003 in San Luis Obispo, CA. They provide domain registration services and shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. Arvixe accept payments by Skrill. They provide 24 hours technical support by live chat, phone and emails.

There shared hosting plans start at $4/month. All plans include;

  • Free domain name for the life
  • Unlimited data storage and unlimited data transfer
  • cPanel
  • One click WordPress installation
  • Site builder
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • CloudLinux
  • Free set-up
  • Free transfer
  • 60 days full money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

They have data-centers in Dallas (Texas), Houston (Texas) and in the Europe. They provide both Linux and Windows hosting.


GoDaddy is a huge web hosting and domain seller company. They are in the business for many years. You can buy cheap domains and affordable web hosting services from Godaddy using your Skrill account. If you are not getting option to pay by Skrill on GoDaddy then try changing currency. You can change currency from the bottom of GoDaddy website.

You can use below given special offer link and signup for Godaddy hosting at just $1/month ($12/year). This offer include;

  • Free domain name
  • cPanel
  • 100GB data storage
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • CloudLinux

They have data-centers in USA, Europe and Singapore. They also offer both Windows and Linux hosting. They do not provide live chat or email support. Only support option is phone which is available 24 hours.


How to pay by Skrill on Godaddy?

If you are not getting an option to pay by Skrill on Godaddy then try changing your currency to USD, GBP or some other currency until you get option of Skrill. You can also try changing your country to UK or any other country. You can easily change your currency and country from the top and bottom of the Godaddy website.

EZPZ Hosting:

EZPZ Hosting is a UK based web hosting company. They were founded in 2007. They have data centers in UK, Dallas, Los Angeles and Singapore. They also provide shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting. EZPZ provide 30 days full money back guarantee.

Their plans start at £3.99 per month. Minimum plan includes;

  • 3GB data-storage
  • 30GB bandwidth
  • 1 domain allowed
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free migration
  • 30 days full money back gurantee
  • Free domain for life
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

They also provide 24 hours support by phone, emails and live chat.

eUK Host:

eUKHost is also UK based web hosting company. It was founded in 2001. They now have more than 35,000 customers and host above 150,000 domains. They provide shared, reseller, cloud and VPS hosting. They have over 1200 servers in two different data-centers facilities in UK.

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Web Hosting Companies Who Accept Payments By ALIPAY

Alipay is the most famous online payment platform in China with the biggest market share of 700 million registered accounts as of the end of 2012. Alipay is owned by the giant Alibaba group. Alipay is safe and fast payment method for Chinese people to make online transactions. Many online platforms support payments by Alipay. Lots of stuff can be purchased from many websites using your Alipay account. In this post we are going to list some web hosting companies who accept payments by Alipay. We will mostly focus on US web hosts who support Alipay payments. You can easily buy web hosting accounts, domain names and other hosting stuff from them using your ALIPAY account.

ALIPAY Web Hosting:


Hawkhost is a medium sized web hosting company. They have a very nice reputation. They were launched in 2004. Their headquarters are situated in Ontario, Canada. They have four data centers in USA, one in Europe and One in Asia. They have a data center in Singapore which is great for hosting websites and blogs for audience from China.

Top Features: cPanel, LiteSpeed hosting, affordable pricing, 30 days money back guarantee, free instant setup, one click installations, 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Hosting Offered: Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Semi-Dedicated hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Hosting OS: Linux

Data Centers: They have six data centers worldwide.


  • Dallas, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Washington, DC
  • San Jose, CA


  • Singapore


  • Amsterdam

Web Hosting Pad:

Web Hosting Pad is another famous web hosting company who accept payments by ALIPAY. Webhostingpad was founded in 2005 and they host 150,000 domains.

Top Features: cPanel, Cloud Linux, SSD storage, Raid protected servers, Free domain and web site transfer(see terms), 30 days money back guarantee.

Hosting Offered: Shared hosting, VPS

Hosting OS: Linux

Data Centers: Chicago, USA

IX Web Hosting:

IX Web Hosting is in business since 1999. They offer both Linux and Windows hosting. They also have a very good reputation. IX Web hosting offers a 7 days free trial period. Their headquarters are situated in Columbus,Ohio in USA. IXWebhosting is the first USA based web hosting company who start accepting ALIPAY payments.

Top Features: Free domain name, free site builder, one click installations, nice uptime history, 24/7/365 support, free website transfer

Hosting Offered: Shared hosting, VPS, Cloud

Hosting OS: Linux and Windows

Data Centers: Ohio, USA

Reseller Club:

Reseller Club is a India based reseller hosting provider company. They support ALIPAY payments.

Hosting Offered: Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS, Reseller accounts

Hosting OS: Linux and Windows

Data Centers: Texas, USA


If we will find any other reputable web hosting or domain name registration provider company who accept payments by ALIPAY then we will update this post. If you have any questions or comments or you want to add any company in this list then please free to leave your comments in comment section below.

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What Is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting. Millions of websites worldwide are hosted on shared hosting servers. If you are starting a new website or blog then shared hosting is for you because it is low cost, easy to use and it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. When your website will grow and starts consuming lots of resources then you can always upgrade to a higher level of hosting like VPS or dedicated server. Shared hosting mostly remains a great option for small to medium sized websites and blogs. It has become most popular type of hosting over recent years. What is shared hosting? and what are its advantages and disadvantages and who should use it? and who should not? Let’s take a comprehensive look at it.


What Is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, a server is shared between many websites, hence the term ‘shared’. Each website on server shares resources like CPU, RAM, hard drives and software. Number of websites hosted on a server can be from hundreds to thousands. Each websites/hosting account is usually located on a separate partition/section to keep it separate from others. Each account has a set limit of resource usage like CPU, RAM and disk space usage.

Shared hosting is low cost as costs of servers are shared between all users and no one has to bear all costs alone. Shared hosting is easy to use. Servers are fully maintained by hosting providers. Users do not have to worry about complex procedures of maintaining and running servers. Many providers give cPanel in all their shared hosting accounts. With cPanel users can easily install different databases and scripts in just few clicks. Users do not have to pay separately for cPanel as they have to do in other hosting environments.

Sometime servers can be slow in shared hosting if some accounts are eating too many resources like RAM and CPU. Or if there are too much websites hosted on a single server. However, good hosting providers took care of these issues. They use some tools, like CloudLinux, to prevent users exceeding their set usage limits and consuming all resources. Good hosting providers also do not make their servers over crowded by putting thousands of accounts on them.

Advantages Of Shared Hosting:

Advantages include,

  • It is cheaper and affordable. Users with very  low budgets can also afford it. Price may vary from $3- $9 per month to $20-$30 per month.
  • It is easy for use. You do not need to have complex knowledge of web hosting.
  • A good level of support is available. Make sure to choose a web host with good support level.
  • Hosting provider is responsible for maintenance of servers. They are responsible for managing servers, installing software, server security and technical support.
  • Most shared hosting providers offer a variety of hosting plans so you can choose the best plan that fits your needs.
  • Most hosting providers offer a free control panel like cPanel with all of their shared hosting plans. With these control panels, especially cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk etc you can do lots of stuff like installing scripts in just few clicks. In other hosting environments, you typically have to pay separately for control panels but in shared hosting control panel is already included in their plans.


Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting:

Disadvantages include,

  • There can be some security issues as many websites are hosted on same server.
  • Users do not have root access to server.
  • Mostly server share a single IP so if spammers on that server get IP blacklisted, other users can have trouble sending emails to some people.
  • Some abusive users can affect all websites on server. They can try to consume all resources.
  • There can be lots of websites hosted on same account resulting in slowing it down.
  • Restricted software support.
  • Restricted database support.


Who Should Use Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is a great option for,

  • New websites and blogs.
  • Small to medium sized web sites and blogs.
  • Personal websites and blogs.
  • Low budgets.
  • Users who have no or a little knowledge of web hosting stuff like maintaining servers or installing complex databases and software.


Who Should Not Use Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting is not good for,

  • Large websites with lots of content.
  • Websites with heavy traffic.
  • Users who need root access to servers and want more control of server.
  • Users who need to install custom software and scripts.
  • Users who want to customize hardware options like CPU and RAM.


Shared hosting is a great option for starters, small to medium sized websites and blogs and for low budgets. If you are starting a new websites then choose shared hosting as you will not have to pay high amounts and it will have all stuff you need. When you websites will grow to a big one or start receiving heavy traffic then you can upgrade to VPS hosting or Dedicated servers. However, if you are starting a content heavy website or you expect heavy traffic from start then you should go for VPS or Dedicated servers.

Make sure to choose a good web hosting provider who does not compromise over quality. A good hosting provider does not put lots of websites on a single server. They will take some good measure to keep servers fast and secure.

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Types Of Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide

Web hosting is a service which allows individuals and organizations to make their websites, blogs and applications available on internet via WWW (World Wide Web). There are many types of web hosting like shared, VPS , dedicated and cloud. Each type of hosting is designed for different type of web sites who have different kind of requirements. Like  some websites will need much more disk space and bandwidth then other websites. Many small and medium sized blogs and websites will need lower disk space and bandwidth. Some websites might need to run some special kind of software and scripts. Some might need thousands of email addresses or sub domains. So different  websites will need different types of web hosting services according to their requirements.

Popular types of web hosting are,

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS ( Virtual Private Servers)
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Clustered Hosting
  • Free Hosting
  • Blog Hosting

Types Of Web Hosting

This the first post of series ‘Types Of Web Hosting’ . Be sure to check all upcoming posts in which we will take a detailed look on each type of hosting and their advantages and disadvantages. Links for each post will be given at the end of this post.

In this post we will take a brief look on each type of hosting. For detailed review of each type of web hosting wait for next posts in this series.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most popular type of hosting. Millions of websites are using shared hosting. In shared hosting, a server is shared between many websites and users. There can be hundreds to thousands websites hosted on the same server. Resources like RAM and CPU are shared between all of them. Every website has its own partition or section. Sometimes shared hosting can be slower as server and its resources are shared between many users and excessive use of resources (like RAM) by others can make server slow. However, many good shared hosting providers use some software like CloudLinux to prevent excessive resource usage. So there will probably no issue of slow speed with these good providers.

Shared hosting is a good option for new and small websites and blogs. It is low cost as server cost is divided between lots of users and each user has to pay a small portion of total cost instead of paying it all.

Good shared hosting providers puts only a limited number of websites on a server and do not allow users to exceed their usage limits. In this way, they do not let server slow down. On other hand, many hosting providers put lots of websites on the same server to double their profits by lowering costs. They compromise quality of their services for the sake of more profits. So make sure to choose only a good hosting provider.


In shared hosting,

  • Your website is placed on a server with lots of other websites.
  • Your websites shares hardware and software with others.
  • Your costs are low. It is a good option for starters and small websites and blogs who have a small budget and low requirements.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller hosting is mostly used by webmasters and others who want to sell their own web hosting services. Reseller accounts are maintained on shared servers.

Reseller hosting are used by two types of users,

  1. People who want to start their web hosting services. Reseller hosting provide such users a inexpensive way to enter into web hosting industry.
  2. Or it used by those users who have multiple websites. They can adjust disk space and bandwidth allocated to them between different websites. And they can manage all websites under one control panels. They can also sell these websites to others.


VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is your own server within other server. This offers you easy root access to the server. In VPS, hardware is shared between users but software is not. You can configure software according to your needs. You have guaranteed CPU, disk space, and memory. This means you can install whatever you want.


VPS is expensive then shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting. You enjoy almost full control over server while keeping your costs low.


You should choose VPS if,

  • You want more control and you want to install custom scripts and software.
  • Your application or script requires more memory and CPU than a shared hosting allows.
  • Your website is growing and it starts consuming more resources like RAM, CPU and disk space.
  • You want to keep your costs low.


Dedicated Hosting:

In dedicated hosting, you have your own server with full control but you typically do not own it. You do not buy a server but you take server on rent from a hosting provider. Server is not shared with anyone else. You have to bear the full rental and maintenance costs of server.

There are two types of dedicated hosting,

Managed: In managed hosting your hosting providers either help you maintain your servers or fully maintain it.

Unmanaged: In unmanaged you are fully responsible for maintaining servers.

It is the one of most expensive types of hosting. Dedicated hosting is suitable for large websites.


Collocated Hosting:

In collocated hosting, your server is placed on the premises of a web hosting provider. You buy your server and place it on a location of a service provider which is better designed for it. Collocated hosting is the most expensive type of hosting and suitable for large websites.


Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting. Cloud hosting uses a group of servers all connected together and websites use resources from all servers on that cloud. Hard drives, memory and processing powered are shared.

Free Hosting:

Many companies provide free hosting. Free hosting is very limited in its features and support. It is only suited for very small websites and blogs such as personal, family and hobby sites. It has very limited software option and limited or no database support. Technical support and security options are also very limited.


Blog Hosting:

Blogs can be easily hosted on any regular web hosting service. There are also many free and paid dedicated blog services like blogger, blog.com etc. Free services are often very limited in terms of customization and other features. For professional blogs good paid hosting services are recommended.



For different kind of requirements there are different types of web hosting. Before you choose your web hosting type, you should check that:

  • You choose the hosting type which fulfills your requirements.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Web hosting provider is reliable.
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Passwords Are Like Underwear : Cybersecurity Tips

It’s a threat that’s only getting bigger. Globally, Cybercrime is a $12+ billion industry! Cybercriminals have consolidated and are very well funded. Think of it as the virtual mafia of today’s digital age. There’s now larger, yet fewer, cybercrime organizations.

As businesses increasingly go to the cloud and people shift more of their lives online, the risk of hackers stealing data has grown exponentially. I’ll be the first to admit that I think the cloud is the best thing since sliced bread. The fact that I can back up all my data without having to event think about it everyday gives me tons of peace of mind. Ever since losing an entire paper during a hard drive crash during my Doctoral program I’ve relied heavily on the cloud storage. But, we can’t ignore the downsides to this type of data storage and sharing either. Case in point with Sony.


Smaller organizations are certainly more at risk to cybersecurity breaches due to:

  • Fewer levels of awareness
  • Less in-house IT expertise
  • Fewer layers of protection
  • Fewer policies regarding cybersecurity

If a cybersecurity breach of such a magnitude can happen at Sony, you can only imagine what can happen with smaller companies and organizations.

Cybersecurity Tips: What You Can Do

To start locking down your data and protecting your organization, here’s some cybersecurity tips you can implement immediately.

Create a Cybersecurity Policy

  • Use strong passwords and change them often. I know it can be a real bear to keep up with this, but think of the potential ramifications if you don’t. Have all passwords contain a variety of characters, upper and lowercase, numbers, and the like. For example instead of Mycompany1 do something like YellowuNicorN#_!3 Check out better ways to manage passwords (I know who can just remember all of ‘em yet where so we put ‘em???)
  • Educate employees on Cybersecurity policies & best practices; share cybersecurity tips with everyone on your team
  • Reward employees for adhering to Cybersecurity policies and best practices. For example, track who does change their passwords and keeps them complex and reward them with a gift card.
  • Punish those who don’t follow policies. I’m normally very against any type of punishment in management and leadership. BUT, in this case where it’s really a “life or death” type of situation when it comes to a business, assets, and data, it’s quite serious. If someone fails to update passwords or adhere to policies, follow your company’s HR protocol for progressive discipline.
  • Get buy-in. This starts from the top and goes down. The company CEO, President, or Founder needs to support and roll out the cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Controls need to be in place and handled by the appropriate teams and individuals with expertise. If you cannot bring the right type of team in-house to do this, then invest in outsourcing to a reputable cybersecurity company.
  • Malicious codes and anti-virus software must be installed on all computers. And, don’t let it expire! I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past. You start to just “x” out of the anti-virus expiration notices flashing on your screen. We always think… eh, it won’t happen to us…
  • Continue to build policies over time. Send a few of your employees, HR, IT, or executives to a cybersecurity training or conference at least once per year. Staying on top of information and tactics is everyone’s business, not just the anti-social IT guy in the basement.

I know this is all rather terrifying and can lead to not even wanting to deal with the internet. But, above all, remember not to live in fear. How many billions of sites are out there and how many gazillions of gigs in cloud stored data? If you take proper measures and keep up with it, then luck will be on your side a lot more than if you didn’t.

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